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Miracle Blanket - Newborn to 14 Weeks
  • Miracle Blanket - Newborn to 14 Weeks

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    ​​The Miracle Blanket is guaranteed to help settle your little one and make baby feel like they are still in the womb.

    ​​Research shows that the two best unsettled “eliminators” and in particular for a baby with colic, are classic swaddling and gentle abdominal pressure.

    ​​A lateral belly wrap is a very old Irish remedy for fussiness that is comprised of a long band of “stretchy” fabric that is wrapped around a baby’s abdomen to provide gentle, even, lateral pressure around the baby’s mid-section.

    ​​The Miracle Blanket is the first and only product that combines these two incredibly effective solutions in one product

    ​​Perfect for 0-14 weeks

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